Thursday, April 21, 2011

Working for the Weekend

Tomorrow is a half day for me so I’m already in weekend mode (mentally at least). I’ve got lots of house projects half done so I thought the best use of my time would be searching the blogosphere for great new projects to try!

I found three ideas that would be fantastic in any home and thought I’d share them with you.

First, I’m completely in love with this mirror by Hello Newman’s.


In the words of my husband, “That mirror is slick”. We have a big blank space over the couch in our living room that would be filled perfectly with a mirror like this.


It’ll be a while until I ‘borrow’ Anne’s idea since we’re remodeling the adjacent kitchen but I can’t wait to add something like this as the finishing touch.

The second brilliant decor creation that caught my eye were these Spring Framed Vases.


Flamingo Toes offers a great tutorial so we can all make these. I’d love to do some brighter colors in the summer.


The last project I can’t wait to try is this Upcycled Book Wreath. I think it would go great in our office (a room in desperate need of decor). Rae Gun Ramblings also has a great tutorial to follow.

book wreath4

What has inspired you this week?

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  1. Yay! Thanks for linking to my Framed Vases! I love the other projects too - what a fun group! :)

  2. Uh oh! Do we need to make a date to make new wreathes?

  3. Thanks SO much for featuring my wreath. I love the framed vases on that wire it's so awesome

  4. So another cool idea that might work and be less expensive is to collect smaller random shaped mirrors (maybe at garage sales etc...), framed or not framed and create a sort of collage on the wall. I think you might get a similar effect to the bigger mirror and I bet you could do it relatively cheaply.

  5. thanks for the mirror LOVE and shoutout! :) So sweet - I can't wait to see what you come up with! Also, LOVE the framed vases...what an awesome idea.


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