Sunday, April 24, 2011

Tile Dilemma: Help Us Design Our Bathroom Vanity

I’m very inconsistent when it comes to decision-making. Sometimes I commit to something (like making a workbench all by myself) and just go full speed ahead having no idea what I’m doing. Other times, I waffle back and forth over the smallest decision.

This is one of those waffling times. So I need your help! As you know, Matt and I are in the middle of the world’s slowest bathroom remodel. We’ve finished our first step, which was retiling the shower. Now we’re working on re-doing the bathroom vanity. Once I paint the vanity, it’ll be time to lay the tile on the bathroom counter.

This is what the vanity used to look like:

Don’t you just love that bright blue? I’m painting the vanity white, got a new faucet from my parents (gotta love the hand-me-downs) and purchased some granite tile remnants at the Tile Outlet (sort of a rash decision – at $5 per sq ft I’m not even sure it was a great deal!).

The granite tile is where your help is needed. So please, stay with me! I’ll explain my dilemma. The counter (currently living on the floor in the garage) is 21” x 36”.

But my tiles are 18” x 18” (I have three of them).

So, the tile doesn’t fit all the way across the bathroom counter.

See that space at the top where the old counter is deeper than the tile? I knew that when I bought the tile, but just thought, “Oh, I’ll cut it into pieces.”
But now, I’m totally at a loss about how to cut the tile.

Matt thinks I should leave the pieces big and just have one grout line at the top.

On one hand I like this idea. Its easy and keeps the granite nice and smooth (as close to slab as possible). On the other hand, the lack of symmetry with the grout lines is totally bugging me.

Another option is to keep the tiles pretty big but even out the grout lines like this.

My current favorite is making diamond shaped tiles.


I think the pattern of the diamonds is pleasing to the eye, but its definitely the most work out of all the options.

The last option I’ve considered is a subway tile pattern.

So. Its time for you to vote!

Picture the patterns with the dark granite and tell me, which is your favorite?

Which pattern should we use for the tile? 

Thank you! I’m excited to have some help with this paralyzing decision and move on with the bathroom vanity :) If you have any other ideas please please let me know!

I can’t wait till our vanity looks a little like this.

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  1. Ok, my 2 cents, which of course you are free to take or leave! My first thought is to go buy a bigger piece and do it 'right' with no seams. Yeah, that's more expensive, but I think it'll look like you ran out of tile if you do it any other way. But, if you're set on using the tiles, I like the diamond best. The grout lines will be a pain to keep clean, but since it's a second bathroom maybe it won't be that bad. And one final idea - what if you cut the tiles into some pattern (like one of the ones you've mentioned) and used some accent tiles (iridescent squares or pebble shaped or something else) in lines between the tiles. That would make it all seem intentional. Good luck, and I can't wait to see what you decide! It's fun reading about your projects. :)

  2. Kate: I like the diamond pattern the best. But as you have drawn it up there looks to be a lot of cuts. Why not just make big diamonds by cutting the tiles in half. The hypotenuse is somewhere over 25 inches,I think. Is the counter less deep than that? How wide is the counter? I would start with that 25" side on each side. There is much more geometry to be done first! I hope this make sense.

  3. Hi, friend! I'm admiring all your creative projects here so can you please share them with us at the Creative Bloggers' Party & Hop? I hope to see you there at the party :)

  4. Light blue is lovely because it's a calming color, and diamond cut tiles are perfect for the bathroom. Even if it's only half-finished, it still looks beautiful. I just adore it.


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