Sunday, April 10, 2011

Shower Before and After and a Budget Breakdown

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Don't worry, that dark line on the left side of the shower will go away when we repair the wall and edge the tile.
Its done! Our first major DIY undertaking is finished. Whew! It took us way longer than expected (doesn’t it always?), but the shower looks great. And our first house guest showered in it and all the tiles are still on the wall :) I can’t wait to work on the rest of the bathroom.


It was more work than we originally thought because when we started the demo we didn’t find cement board behind the wall, just old, water-damaged drywall. So we stripped the shower surround down to the studs and started fresh.

Here are our tips and tutorials for the whole process from start to finish:
Demolish the old tub surround
Hang the cement board and prep the wall for tile
Seal the grout

After the shower is sealed, its time to caulk the shower and replace the plumbing fixtures. We used 100% silicone (for water protection) and caulked the bottom of the tile to the tub, the corner joints, around the plumbing fixtures, and around the shelf.

And that’s it! All plumbing fixtures are different, so my recommendation is to follow the directions on the package for installing them. Don’t forget to turn off the water to your house first! When in doubt, go to a plumbing store and ask. If its easy, bring some of the parts with you to the store so its easier to communicate your question.

Some water was coming out of our faucet handle so we went to a local plumbing store and when we explained our problem they were able to diagnose it and give us washers to fix it for less than a few bucks.

Here’s a look at the shiny new handle. I’m so glad that yellow tile is gone!


So… the budget.

Its blown. We spent more on just the shower than I thought we would on the whole bathroom. The total for all supplies was $353. Oh man! Part of the reason it was so spendy is because we spent 132 bucks on replacing the drywall with cement board. This was an important step to meet code and protect from water damage, but I didn’t figure this into my optimistic budget goal of $200 for the whole bathroom. We also decided to add the accent tile and a shelf which were splurge items but worth it.

Here’s the budget breakdown:
White tile (52 sq. ft.): $25 from the Habitat for Humanity ReStore (everything else is from Home Depot)
Accent tile (3 sq. ft.): $45
Shelf: $20
New faucet and pipe for shower head (shower head was free): $47
Cement board, vapor barrier, and wall prep supplies: $132
Tiling supplies (float, spacers, thinset, grout, etc): $84

Considering we can reuse the tiling supplies and I got some free paint, the rest of the bathroom shouldn’t put as big of a dent in the pocket book. I’ll share the entire budget when we’re finished.

So here’s a look at our first DIY Before and After.

We had no idea what we were doing and learned a lot through the process (including how to be more patient with each other!). We’re both looking forward to finishing up the whole room. Next on the list is to paint the vanity and replace the countertop and sink. Then we’ll paint the walls and tile the floor. I’m thinking the countertop and floor will be a bit easier than the shower, since gravity will be on our side.

What was your first DIY project?

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  1. I really hate the vinyl surround in my main bathroom tub, but I have a feeling if I tear it out, that I will uncover some severe plumbing problems as I did with the toilet incident... I think I have to wait until I have the money to do the entire bathroom. Wah wah.

  2. You know, it seems like a lot but for a bathroom redo you did GREAT. I think we spent 3x that getting the shower redone at our last house (labor, etc) and yours looks nicer! Bathrooms are always a great investment!!!

    By the way, I'm your newest follower! I love your room redos!

  3. Looks great! you might think that's a lot, but that's actually a small amount for bathroom renos. Those always go over budget, no matter how much you plan!

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  5. Great job on your DIY! Wish I have the skills. I usually contact professional help like when it comes to anything plumbing.

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