Saturday, April 23, 2011

The Rain is Back, but My Front Door is Shining


Last week I featured a great tutorial for a sunny lemon wreath, made by Ordy and Joon. It was the perfect addition to our normally drab front porch. My friend Lindsay came over so we could try our hands at wreath-making together.

Armed with a glue gun, coffee, and determination we tackled this project. We're both very happy with the end result but I must tell you, it took a lot longer than expected! Several burned fingers and about 2.5 hours later, we were finished.

My index finger still hurts.
We started with 14" foam wreath forms and covered them in ribbon. That part was relatively easy. The hard part came when we tried to glue the lemons on the ribbon. The lemons (especially the big ones) didn't stay on very well. The minute we let go, the glue gave out and the lemons went rolling off the wreath form. Crap! After a while we figured out that really piling on the glue worked better and they needed to be held in place for a while. Lindsay was patient enough to hold them in place. I was not and wasted a lot of tape.
We continued putting the lemons on in two uneven rows and then filled in with leaves. Lindsay had the great idea of cutting the leaves into different shapes so they would fit in between the lemons on the inside.


While we were making these wreaths it started hailing outside. Did the sun really last just half a day? Its a good thing we have our bright yellow wreaths to add a little color to the dreary outdoors.

Lemon Wreath Closeup
Even with the great tutorial, we felt like we didn’t have a clue what we were doing (I always feel like that with new projects). But both wreaths turned out great!

The Before and After:

Thank you Ordy and Joon for the inspiration! And thank you Lindsay for joining me!

For the full tutorial visit:


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  1. You ladies did incredible! It looks better than mine! So so cute. I wonder why y'all were having trouble with the lemons sticking?! Maybe my glue gun is so scared of me it is terrified into submission haha. Or maybe I was too determined to finish it before class!! Awesome work- it's adorable!

  2. Haha, I think you've just got hot glue skills we don't :) Thank you again for sharing!

  3. I love that!! Great idea to brighten up your door!! I am taking notes for when we buy a house!!;)

  4. Thanks for letting me craft with you Katie! Mine is hanging on the front door (inside.) I can't wait till I can put it on our real home.

    P.S. I came up with a great idea for a fall wreath!!!

  5. Your wreath turned out great, and that color really pops against that door color. Very nice.

  6. Gorgeous love the ,yellow lemons against the purple door!! Hoping your weekend is a sweet one. Thinking of you and sending ♥

  7. Visting from the Houseography tour... Love the wreath! It really pops on that purple door. :)


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