Friday, April 1, 2011

Alert the Press, I See the Sun!

Woo! After 29 (Yes, 29) rainy days in March, April brings the sun to Portland!

I am beside myself. The windows are open, the neighbors are out, and I am loving the fresh air. Usually I run from the car into the house to avoid the downpour, but today I was able to slow down, take a look at the yard, and see how it fared over the winter.

I found some good.

Some bad.

Bulbs growing in the new grass

And some very ugly.

Consider this the "before" picture of our jungle backyard.

So, I'm scrapping my afternoon plans of catching up on blog posts and napping. I'm going outside! I might even pull a weed or two.

I think part of the reason the sun makes me so happy is because it reminds me of this day :)

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