Friday, March 25, 2011

A Little Spring Crafting Inspiration

Although its still pretty gloomy outside in Portland, I've got spring fever. I can't wait to wake up to the sun peaking through the window, to see flowers blooming in the yard, and to enjoy a cold beer on a warm day.

Matt and I in Corfu, Greece in 2007

 Sort of like that :) Actually, I'd just be happy with a day without rain!

Lucky for me, I'm not alone in blogland. There are quite a few inspiring ideas out there to infuse a little sun in your home (even if its not outside... yet). I'll be in sunny partly cloudy San Diego this weekend for my cousin's wedding. When I get back I plan on tackling these three projects to brighten up our home.

Felt So Cute made this great mossy monogram wreath.

Her tutorial is easy to follow and the end result looks fantastic!

I can't wait to make my "N" version and hang it on the mantle. We don't have many live plants in our house, so I like the idea of the moss to add an earthy element to the room.

I'd also like to try and make this wreath to brighten up our front door.

The Adventures of Ordy and Joon DIYed a sunny lemon wreath that will provide some much needed color to our front yard in this dreary Portland weather. The bright yellow will be a great contrast to our purple door. Ordy and Joon also offer up a great tutorial that will help me brighten up our front yard in no time!

The last project I can't wait to try is this sunburst mirror. I love that its inexpensive and can bring a bit of warm wood into the room. J and J Home are the creative minds behind this fun wall art.

This mirror will hang in our living room, on the opposite wall from some inexpensive DIY art I made a couple weeks ago. The mirror will reflect some more light in the room and with these two pieces, the room will really start to feel homey.

Thank you to Felt So Cute, The Adventures of Ordy and Joon, and J and J Home for sharing their ideas. I can't wait to 'borrow' them.

I'm off to stay classy in San Diego. (Anchorman reference to get me geared up for the trip.)

What has inspired you lately?
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  1. Thank you so much. I can't wait to see you do the mirror. I will feature it when you do it.

  2. Lemons are great! I'm also a big fan of pineapples. They symbolize hospitality...and fertility ;)
    Maybe some planters with pineapples on them would be cute on your to the lemons!?

  3. Did I get that right, are you going to add a gold wreath to your purple door? Purple and gold? BOOOOO!

    ... other than that, good ideas.

  4. Thanks for the ideas Crystal!

    Oh no Dallas, I didn't think of that. Maybe I'll paint the door... just not green ;)

  5. Katie can I make a lemon wreath with you!? I LOVE that idea and in the next months I'll have a door to put it on. I'm hoping you'll be willing to get crafty with me.


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