Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Late Night Thrifting

After a relaxing happy hour with some girlfriends I had just enough time to head to Goodwill before they closed. I got there around 8pm and discovered that the location had moved. I thought about going home but by this time I was on a mission.

I needed a picture frame for an idea for some art in the kitchen. The best part? It will be pretty useful for a newbie cook like me.

I could have worked on projects all night, but after Goodwill it was time to head home and say hi to the kitties husband, so I will leave you in suspense (ha!) regarding that idea for now. It isn't complete yet - but its going to be soooo easy. I hope it turns out as good as I picture it in my head.

Right away I found a great picture frame for the project.

Don't worry, the bunnies' days are numbered. I really like that even though the frame is pretty thin it has some fun detail.

In addition to the picture frame, I couldn't resist a few other items for the house. First I found this vase.

The shape is pretty simple but I loved the grey tint to the glass. I hope when spring comes I can fill it with flowers!

This gold tray also caught my eye.

I'm not a huge fan of the color but love the detail in the center. I definitely want to paint it, but I can't decide if I should use white, oil-rubbed bronze, or something daring. What do you think?

By this time I couldn't stop! I walked through every aisle of the store, and happily found this glass canister.

It reminded me of this one from Pottery Barn, but the PB version is $54 (mine was $6.99)!

Oh, and my husband thinks you can see it better with something in it. So here you go:

The last things I picked up were these two candle holders.

They had three different price tags on them, $1.99, $3.99, and $4.99. I brought them up to the register and of course they were $4.99. I asked the cashier to please put them back and she said, "How about I give you 50% off instead?" So with that, I came home with candle holders too :) I'm not sure where to put them, or if I should paint them or leave the stripes. I figured for $5 I couldn't go wrong!

Found any screamin' deals lately? What's your favorite store/clearance aisle? Pin It


  1. Have you displayed your Korean wedding presents yet? :) Just kidding, kinda...

  2. Em - The vase is in the entry. First thing you see when you come in the house!

    The wine holder gets displayed, then I drink the wine. Then I display it again, then I drink the wine. Maybe I should put some vegetables in the wine holder :)


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