Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Free Canvas Print!

After creating some art for the wall in our living room, I've been frantically trying to think of how we can fill the rest of the walls in our home (its so fun!). One of my girlfriends recently suggested canvas prints, and her email jogged my memory of a great deal I'd seen! (Seriously, am I supposed to forget things at the ripe old age of 28?)

Canvas People is offering a free 8x10 print to first time customers. That's me!

If you go to their Create Your Canvas page, you are able to select a free 8x10. Even after the $14.95 shipping charge, that's still a great deal. I can't vouch for the final product because I haven't ordered my free print yet. I'm still deciding between this picture from our trip to South Korea

and this picture from our wedding reception.

What do you think? Which one should I choose for the free print? Does anyone have experience ordering things from Canvas People?

Also, I feel like I must mention, I wasn't paid or anything for this post. I just like free things :) Pin It


  1. The top one! (from South Korea I think). I think they are both beautiful, but I am drawn towards the trees.

  2. I like both! The bottom one seems more glam to me:)

  3. Loving the picture from your wedding reception. Of course, that's more of my style, but it IS at a brewery which we all know you and Matt love! ;)

  4. I got a free 8x10 from Canvas People over the holidays. I was impressed with the print, but disappointed about the size, it looked smaller...because they stretched it around a wood frame so some of the picture stretches behind. The quality is so good though! I thought it was worth it! :)

  5. Apparently I've had a lot of catching up to do here... I love the canvas print idea and I am partial to the Korea shot. Nick and I ordered a canvas print from Costco (much larger) of our wedding and though it was more expensive, it turned out really well, too. Let me know how this one goes!

  6. I somehow missed this post. Which one did you choose?

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