Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Kamsahamnida! Arigatō!

The two phrases that stuck in my brain while in South Korea and Japan mean the same thing: thank you. I guess if I'm only going to remember one phrase that is a good one!

Matt and I had a great time visiting Emmy in S. Korea and exploring Japan. Both offered lots of interesting things to see and both the Japanese and Korean people were really nice and helpful. All we had to do was look lost and people would come up and offer to help :)

After a great two weeks its nice to be back in the green Pacific NW! Seoul and Tokyo were so densely populated it was rare to see some greenery during our travels - now I definitely understand the term concrete jungle.

On our way we picked up a few new decorating items for the house. Mostly just stuff from outside tourist markets that will remind us of our trip.

In Korea we got this bright green bamboo tray:

I think I'll put it in the entry way as a place to collect keys. It doesn't really match our current decor but I don't mind - it will keep me from getting too matchy matchy in the entry.

We also picked up this painting. Not sure what we'll do with it but Matt and I both really loved the bright yellow.

In Japan we got this tray. I'm hoping it can go in the guest bedroom, on the night stand as a place for guests to put glasses, etc.

My sister also gave us this vase as a wedding gift:

I'd been eye-ing a similar vase but couldn't decide because of the price. She went back and got it when we were in Japan. Best sister ever!

Soon I'll share some pics of our house and show you where these vacation mementos ended up living. I just have to clean the house a little first :) Pin It

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  1. I think the nice yellow painting would look great in a nursery:) Oh, and this is Alyssa by the way:)


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