Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Hold My Hand

So I'm new to the blogging world. Does anyone else have the inclination to title every post with a song title or lyrics? When pondering my next post, I always want to use a title from a song. I don't know why. Sometimes they don't even make sense! But I can't stop, so please forgive me.

Anyway, when sharing my tip for Pottery Barn classes, I mentioned the hand-me-down faucets I got from my parents. I was practically giddy when I saw the little note that they left faucets in our garage. I love hand-me-downs, always have. Someone's trash is my treasure kind of thing, but skipping the second-hand store middle man. My friends and I let each other sort through clothes bags before donation. Or at least we used to do that. Before they all lost weight. And I didn't. Damn! :)

But I digress. After my parents' remodel is complete, I'll also snag a light fixture from them. Yay! My parents are downsizing and upgrading from the home of my childhood to a swanky new condo in a great Portland neighborhood. The condo was way outdated (at least according to my mom - I didn't think it was so bad), so they're completely remodeling. Good old retired living - good for them! And good for me - this IKEA fixture is currently in their dining room and I can't wait to put it in my master bedroom.

The master bedroom is a work in progress. One of the first things we did when we moved in was replace carpet. In the master, the carpet had a seam and the berber was facing different ways at the seam. It was awful. We've also painted and purchased some furniture, but we're far from finished.

As I mentioned, we forgot to take "before" pics, but here is a look at our master bedroom from the listing when we bought the house:

I would give credit to this photo but I can't remember where it came from (which listing). Sorry!

Here is our bedroom now:  

Having the light in the middle is much better than its previous location in the corner, but I think the IKEA fixture will go nicely and add a bit of flair (did I just say flair? Insert Office Space jokes here).

But as I said, its definitely a work in progress. It was the first room we painted so we have some mistakes to fix, and I hung up a picture frame with the fictitious Target family still inside. And upside down. I'll get on that one.
This is on the wall you can't see to the right of the bed

 One of my goals for 2011 is to make a headboard for the bed and I'm contemplating crown molding. I'd also like to add some visual elements like a  stencil or a vinyl design (maybe something like this from Etsy). And accessorize! Here's a photo of what I'd like to do:

 So the bedroom is coming along. First we've got to finish the bathroom. Demolition is almost complete and we'll start on putting up the cement board and prepping for new paint this weekend.

Any good ideas on headboard styles? What is your favorite feature in your bedroom?

PS. This bedroom post is linked up over at House of Hepworth's link party!
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  1. The bedroom looks WAY WAY better than the before pic.

  2. Headboard: I've seen it a bunch of times on HGTV; take plywood and cover it with batting, using a staple gun to attach it. Wrap it like you would if you were upholstering a dining room chair seat. Cover the batting with another luxurious fabric (I'm a big fan of velvet! Using the same color as your bedskirt would be classy classy. Corduroy would be great, too). Staple that fabric as you did the batting. To add another nice touch, put in some tufting. I love it! Put together, it's a nice classic look that will go well with your decor style, but it has some elegance, too. Great for a comfy bedroom! It can also take the place of wall decor above the bed that could fall during an earthquake!!!!
    Google or Yahoo, "tufted do-it-yourself headboard," for examples.

  3. Thanks Em!
    Thanks Crystal! I've seen that done too, its cool! I can't decide if I should do a wood border or just fabric or what. The same color as the bed skirt is a great idea!

  4. Holy smokes, your bedroom looks great!!! I wanna see pictures of the striped room too! :)


  5. Okay...
    So remember just buy the vinyl and just decide a quote or design and I will make it for you! P.S. I have some ideas about your headboard....see you saturday and we will talk!

  6. Wow Katie you jumped on the blogging bandwagon with a vengeance! Having blogged for 4 years (wow!) I can totally relate to wanting to title all of your posts with song titles. I don't know why it is what comes first to mind.

    Love what you've done with the bedroom and can't wait to hear about the progress. Especially love that you're taking the pottery barn classes.

  7. Bedroom looks great! Only thing I would recommend is to make sure you have a smooth surface if you intend to do vinyl. I bought a vinyl design for our dining room, completely forgetting it has a popcorn/rough effect to it. Fail. On other smooth surfaces in the house, they look fantastic though!

  8. Your bedroom looks INCREDIBLE. How much do you charge to drive up to your cousin's house in Tacoma and help her redo her bedroom?????!!!!!

  9. To piggy back on Crystal you can add some button detail by stitching buttons on, take a look at this bed from PB, you'll get the idea about the buttons:


  10. Christina - Thanks for the heads up! The texture in the bedroom is really light so we'll see how it goes.

    Alyssa - I love the detail of the brads by the wood trim on the PB bed! But I think for this headboard it will be square, I don't know how to make curved cuts yet. Buttons look good too!


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