Sunday, February 20, 2011

Dabbling in Demo

We started demolishing the bathroom this weekend and of course it hasn't gone quite as planned. But that's how we learn, right? I was hoping there'd be cement board under the tile that currently in the shower (since that is what is supposed to be under tile surrounding a shower), but its just plain old drywall. Actually, its plain old drywall that's been stained from water seepage. So, we've started ripping out the old stuff to do it right this time.

We also ran into a little bit of mold. We plan on having kiddos in the next couple of years (and eventually the shower will get regular use) so its nice to know we're getting the tile fixed and the mold cleaned up now.

After we get the old drywall taken out we'll be sure all of the mold is cleaned up and the wood is in good shape before we start putting up the new cement board.

Also, I wasn't planning to buy any cement board, drywall tape, or other things to repair the backer board, so this puts a strain on my goal for a $200 remodel. I found tile floor for $50 and counter tile for $30 (granite!), so we'll see how it goes. Its better to go a little over budget and know its safe, clean and will last.

So, fingers crossed that this is our only surprise during our first remodel project. I have tomorrow off (yay for government holidays!) so hopefully I'll soon be writing about constructing a shower rather than demolishing a shower.

Update: For more progress on the bathroom click here.

Happy President's Day! :)

Bonus pic: In Portland it snowed on Tuesday and stuck around for about a half hour. This is the view from our front door. Isn't everything prettier with a little snow?

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  1. i don't see a garden!

  2. I hope you wore masks while removing the mold! Also I want to see pictures of the tile you picked out:)

  3. I'm loving this blog. Matt looks hard at work...Katie...What are you doing? hehehe

  4. I just got the chance to take a look... You've inspired me to start working on my blog and house again. The guy is coming to install our baseboard molding on the 10th! Yay!
    Also, if you need a drywall guy who is quite the perfectionist (and pretty darn cheap) I can give you a recommendation.

  5. Thanks Sally! I have a drywall guy for now - his name is Matt :) But if you've ever worked with an electrician we'll need a recommendation this summer!


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