Thursday, January 27, 2011

Seoul Searchin'

Regardless of my high level of excitement for the guest bath remodel, it will be put on hold because Matt (husband) and I are going to South Korea to visit my sister. Emmy (sister) lives there teaching English and from what I hear, this post could aptly be named "Seoul Long Liver". It seems they enjoy their beer over in Korea. We're really looking forward to seeing Emmy, learning about a new culture, going out, sightseeing, shopping, and two weeks off work!

When we return, the first weekend is a three day weekend, so we plan to tackle the guest bathroom then. I just ordered some sample tiles for the floor. Eeeeee!

Below are some "before" pictures of the guest bathroom. As you can see its small and having a color identity crisis. The pictures don't do it justice (hard to get good light with no windows). Green walls, yellow laminate, blue cabinets, and a pink, blue and brown floor. The door also used to be the same bright blue as the cabinets. I think before we even finished moving in I had that sucker off and was painting.

A look at the shower:
And just in case  you missed it, a close-up of the awful shower tile (I don't think its real tile, just meant to look like it):
And the other side of the (small) room. As you can see I already started demo... that not-so-lovely yellow laminate used to go all the way to the wall:

I don't know why the color is so weird in the picture. Its hard to get a good one with no natural light. Off to Asia, hoping to score some great mementos for our house!
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