Wednesday, January 19, 2011

First Post. Last Post?

After 18 years of schooling and jobs ranging from a bakery, a mortgage company, and now, the federal government, I finally realized something.

I want to be a housewife. 

Don't get me wrong, I am very grateful for my good, stable job, but I get more excited and passionate about all things related to my family and home. Maybe this is normal and I'm just growing up, or maybe its the ol' biological clock (no kids yet!). Who knows. But until I find that money tree (or have kids), I still have to work 40 hours a week. So I'll do my best on the weekends to pretend to cook(sorta), clean(sorta), and fix up our house(my fave).

I'm Katie, a 28 year-old girl woman who just bought a house and married her live-in boyfriend. I'm sure I'll share way too much more if I keep up this blog, but for now I'm going to use it to document our trials and tribulations attempting to DIY our way from a '75 fixer upper to a nice "new" house. Pin It

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