Tuesday, January 25, 2011

(Easy) One Down, Nine To Go

Last weekend, with the help of my husband, I crossed to-do #1 off the list:

1. Clean up the garage. Hopefully we cross this off the list on the weekend. Its free!

You can see pics of our so-messy-I-can't-find-the-garbage garage here. We wanted to create 'zones' in the garage to stay organized. So we dumped everything into the driveway, shimmed the crap out of the shelves (not one square foot of our garage is level) and got to work. We organize the gardening stuff near the door for easy access:

We put all the sports and camping stuff together:

The arrows indicate items heading to friends or goodwill. It will soon be even cleaner!

And finally, my favorite is the area we created with our collection of tools, painting supplies and crafty stuff:
Sorry- this isn't a very good picture. And shoot! Does this mean I now have to use the treadmill?
I'm already taking advantage of actually having some space to work in the garage. The white shelf is currently on coat #2 of primer and I'll start painting it semi-gloss white tonight. It will be used in the guest bath to hold towels and toiletries. Its an IKEA shelf I bought off craigslist for $30! It used to look like this:
IKEA Shelf

After sharing my goal of remodeling the guest bath for $200 and scoring some free paint (more about that later), my husband is now on board with the project, so I'll share the 'before' pictures soon!

Has anyone else started "spring cleaning" a little early?

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