Friday, January 21, 2011

Decorating ADD

On the addicting DIY blogs I can't stop reading, I've learned that I am not alone in having house projects ADD. At work I simultaneously day dream about tiling our bathroom (it currently looks like MC Hammer's pants threw up all over the bathroom. Too. much. color), remodeling the kitchen, cleaning up the garage, and turning our jungle of a backyard into a usable, fun area.

In my brain I am an energizer bunny, capable of tackling all these projects at once, on a budget and with no experience. In reality, we just hosted a reception to celebrate our marriage so we're seriously low on funds. And I've never tiled a bathroom, remodeled a kitchen or landscaped a yard. Hell, I've never even cleaned up a garage! Yet every day I peruse craigslist, jumping back and forth between kitchen appliances, bathroom tile, and random furniture. I torture my husband, rambling about all my "visions" for our house, buy random supplies I didn't know I needed, and keep a running list in my head of all the things we(I) need want to do.

So, to make a very short story really long, I am writing that list down. Some things are small, some things will take a miracle to get done this year. But here is my ultimate to-do list for 2011:

1. Clean up the garage. Hopefully we cross this off the list on the weekend. Its free!
2. Remodel the guest bath. Right now, the vanity is bright blue with yellow laminate. The walls are green and the floor is cream, pink and blue. It screams, HELP! Its really pretty small so I think I can do this on a small budget.
3. Paint the bed frame in the guest room. Its the frame my grandparents used and in serious need of an update.
4. Make a headboard for the master bedroom
5. Remodel the master bath. A pedestal sink really doesn't work with our need to put contact solution, shaving cream, and toothpaste on the counter. I am looking for a used vanity on craigslist to stay low-budget.
6. Get a chair for the family room
7. Finish the coffee table in the living room (currently missing a top)
8. Fix up the back yard. Design a functional outdoor living space where we can play bocce ball, grow vegetables, BBQ for our friends and leave space for a future chicken coop.
9. Add about 150 sq feet to the kitchen, totally gut and remodel. This is the "to-do" that will take a miracle, mostly because we don't have the moolah. Our kitchen is laminate shelves from the '90's, big fluorescent lights, and a dishwasher and fridge that leak regularly.
10. Learn how to can food (not a really house related but I hope to do this so I don't waste CSA vegetables next year)

There are all my lofty, crazy, I-don't-have-a-clue-how-to-do-them goals. What are your goals for your house, and your life?
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