Wednesday, January 19, 2011

All by Myself

This weekend my husband was busy studying for an exam so he can earn the big bucks and I can live out my dream as a housewife further his career. Therefore, I had to stay out of his hair and decided to attempt to build a workbench for our garage.

After contemplating demolishing the bathroom, the kitchen, and painting an antique bed, I decided the work bench was the most logical place to start. After all, it will help me with all the other projects. I was also hoping it would motivate us to organize the garage. I googled "free work bench plans", found this site, and got to work.
*Disclaimer: I did bug the husband to come with me to Home Depot. He helped carry the 2x4s. Well worth interrupting his study time*

Overall, it went really well. Only once did I accidentally attached a piece in the wrong place! Since I corrected the mismatched legs, the work bench is square, sturdy, and holds enough weight for our table saw to sit there with plenty of working room. I would provide instructions, but the website does such a good job, even I can follow it.

I have a few tips, the first being to follow their tips. One of which says to drill 1/16" pilot holes before hammering the nails in. I tried to get all tough girl on the nails and I ended up splitting the wood.

Secondly, write down everything in detail before you go to the hardware store. Then if you need help having the large plywood pieces cut you're prepared. Also, get extra nails, screws, etc.

Finally, I cut the 2x4s first and labeled each piece directly on the wood. If it was an "A" length piece, I used a sharpie to write "A" on the 2x4. This helped everything go quickly and I didn't get confused.

So that's it. The first project I started on my own and actually finished without asking for help.

The workbench: 

Bonus pics of our messy garage (next weekend project?):

Clearly we use the treadmill a lot :) Good thing it was a hand-me-down!

What recent project are you proud of?

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  1. I love the workbench! I've needed one of these in my garage for a few years. Maybe this will be my next project...

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